spiritual warfare in the life of the believer

I go through seasons emotionally and spiritually. I know I am not the only one. While I always love the Lord God, I admit the intensity of my passion ebbs and flows over periods of time. I try to maintain consistency in my spiritual life, but the intensity is an intangible which can wane if not carefully monitored. Frankly, life is easier when it ebbs. There is less resistance from our enemy. But when it flows, when I press in to the things God is showing me to be and do, I experience resistance. Sometimes from people. Sometimes from circumstances. Often from feelings or perceptions, the self-talk which reverberates in my heart throughout the day in the form of self-doubt and, frankly, heaviness. I could chalk it up to the change in weather, the shorter, darker days, the busyness of work and life, and so on. But I think there is more to it than that. I think there is a spiritual component which is potent and deadly. I also don’t think we take it seriously enough, much to our detriment.

One of the greatest risks I can take is to follow Jesus Christ without reservation and to love the Lord God with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength, and my neighbor as myself. Why? Because the enemy hates those who obey God and will unleash the full arsenal of his weaponry against such people in ways specifically designed to have maximum lethal or, at the very least, injurious effect.

Some of my readers might be uncomfortable with such a  notion. I refer them to Job in the Hebrew Bible, and then to Jesus in the gospels during his forty day fast and subsequent temptation by Satan. Spiritual warfare is real. We were born into a universe at war. But here is the good news. God is the victor because of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and triumphant resurrection; Satan is a defeated foe. Powerful, yes. But still defeated.

Maybe some of you are struggling. Perhaps you have hit a wall, and you wonder why. My encouragement to you is to return to basics, and seek the Lord. What is he saying? What can you do in the natural to help your situation? Is there a possibility that there is a spiritual component to your difficulties?

Want prayer? Contact those you are close to, but also know I am willing to pray for you.


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