are you a giver?

Are you a giver? No, no, no…I don’t mean just your money. Although the sort of giver I mean surely is generous financially. I mean something more than merely contributing funds to a cause, or faithfully tithing, or supporting missionaries, as important as all those things are. I mean something far more fundamental. Does giving flow out of the well-spring of your heart? Does it characterize your use of time? The attention you devote to the well-being of others? The way you listen to someone share their thoughts? Your view of possessions and your talents? Your passion to improve the lives of others, and support them in fulfilling their God-given dreams?

I bet you are. Far more than you realize. Your heart stirs at the mention of a need. And you leap into action in some way to meet that need. You volunteer countless untold hours to help others, often behind the scenes, undetected by others. But God knows.

He knows the prayers you have prayed in the late watches of the night. He saw you demonstrate kindness to the homeless beggar on the street corner. He even noticed that you prayed for the difficult co-worker who has made your working life so challenging these past months….

Giving takes all kinds of forms. The closer we grow to God, the more that giving manifests through our attitudes and actions, because he is a giver and he encodes that ethic into his children.


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