the purpose of this blog, moving forward

For months I have floundered concerning what to do with this blog. When I first began it in earnest I had in mind to produce quality content which would benefit readers interested in the practice of children’s ministry. While that aim largely holds true today, I recognize that what I offer is not the sort of fare most people think of when they are looking for articles on children’s ministry. I cannot compete with the many other top flight blogs which rank high in user page views. Nor do I intend to try.

Rather than simply try to offer a treatment on a range of topics of interest to children’s ministry workers and leaders, I have begun to shift to a narrative treatment of my story as it unfolds, both in terms of my recollection of past experiences, and in relation to current events. Sometimes it might be whimsical. More often it will deal with heart level stuff.

I will be honest. I am going through some profound changes. My commitment to Jesus Christ is steadfast. My passion to serve Christ in an expression of the local church remains strong. My desire to help others in their journey is equally strong, though set in its proper place as a secondary priority to local ministry. My vision to be a missionary to my marketplace and my community is potent and developing daily through practical experience.

I invite you to join me afresh in this journey. I am not an expert. I am not gifted to know how things always should be done. I really am a very simple person who struggles to obey God and do what is right for others, both believers and those who do not know Christ. If that sounds like something to which you can relate in your situation, then maybe this blog will somehow encourage you in the days to come.


4 thoughts on “the purpose of this blog, moving forward

  1. Glen, I’ve always appreciated your insights, and as you re-focus them I am sure that appreciation will continue unabated.

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