A New Era

A new era begins in my life starting tonight. No more Wednesday night Kids Club. It feels empty. I admit it also feels liberating. I had in mind to visit the apartment kids this evening. I may yet make it down there after dinner. But first I pause to remember and reflect on God’s goodness over all these years. Children who have come to faith in Jesus. Conversations with parents. Wonderful ministry alongside caring volunteers. And the relationships through it all, with young and old.

Maybe I am getting old and sentimental. Maybe I am struggling to let go. But let go, I must, even if the memories persist for days to come. Yet I do not choose to live in the past. I press on toward the future, seeking ways to live my life intentionally among believers and the lost.

Life is too short to waste on fool’s errands and ungodly distractions.  I haven’t got much to offer, but what I do have I offer whole-heartedly in service to the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that he will take what is weak and make it something special for the benefit of others. It likely won’t seem impressive to those who measure such things in the natural. But God knows. His accounting practices are impeccable. It is to him I must be faithful and true.

And so off I go this evening for an adventure, not quite knowing where I will end up, or who I will meet. There will be food, and hopefully some conversation. And maybe a smattering of laughter accompanied by smiles unfettered by insincerity.


2 thoughts on “A New Era

  1. We are starting sermon-based small groups. Our goal is at least 80% participation. Mid-week has been poorly attended the past several years so that is why we decided to drop it. We also did so in order to give people time to participate in a small group without having to help staff the children’s program. We are moving our children’s emphasis strictly to Sundays, although I am doing some things throughout the week on my own, and we may do occasional extra things as well.

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