of crossroads, and the ongoing journey

At a crossroads. One foot each in two worlds. The first by necessity out of longterm custom and a pastoral need to accomodate others; the second by emerging, painful realization, with a view toward a hopeful preferred future. I speak not in riddles, but in the crucible of much thoughtful reflection, tears, and prayer. And I pray still more, realizing that to make life-altering decisions prematurely is neither helpful or necessary.

In the meantime I forge ahead, preparing to engage parents in intentional redemptive conversations where they bring the agenda and I seek to respond helpfully. Tomorrow, I begin my first foray into strictly missional interactions with at least one of the apartment communities. I will go and hang out, probably bringing a ball,  or some other game to play with the kids, young and older. My only agenda is community and conversation. If long experience is any indicator, it won’t be long before they ask of the hope within me. I also continue to prepare for ongoing Fall Sunday ministries. Recruitment to be done. Preparations to do. And prayer, much prayer.


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