Final Midweek Kids Club at my Church

It’s over. It’s just beginning. I’m sad. I’m relieved. It is a new day for my church. Tonight we had our final Wednesday evening event ever at my church. We concluded it with an upbeat talent showcase of the children’s favorite talents. It was fun, hilarious and always enlightening. Several danced, others sang, still others jumped rope, played piano and recorder, and had fun the entire brief night. I even got into the action, playing a little improvisational piano early on, doing an improv funny face routine, and then attempting to jump rope, against my better judgment.

But now it is over, and just beginning. I set aside the burden of mid-week programming and all of its challenges and joys, and I turn my attention to strengthening Sunday mornings, encouraging parents, and doing organic missional work in the neighborhood.

Something inside me is changing. Indeed, it has been for a long while. I remain committed to Christian Orthodox faith convictions. I also feel emboldened to attempt initiatives that wouldn’t know a box, much less be postured outside of one. Creativity favors the brave who dare conceive original thoughts, yet retaining humility to remain accountable to orthodoxy in the development of their missional orthopraxy.


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