dreaming dreams amid the ashes of broken hopes

I am beginning to dream dreams that seem far-fetched, so out of my range of experience that I am surprised to be entertaining them at this stage in my life experience. Yet here I am. Something is breaking loose in my heart and in my thinking. A stirring. Not simply a passing feeling, but an engagement with my journey in critical thinking about the intersection of theology and culture in the practice of children’s ministry. Yes, it evokes deeply felt emotions. But it goes deeper still to that place within me where my will resides, where I make choices and bear commitments down deeply. I am beginning to realize that this journey I have begun has brought me to a place where I cannot return to where I once was five years ago. I am not precisely the same person in terms of my attitudes and aspirations. Some things have remained consistent, but other aspects have been completely altered, hopefully for the better.

Vague enough for my readers? Desire more details? For now I ask you simply to pray as the Lord leads you. Future blog posts may reveal tidbits as appropriate. I am not sure where all of this will lead. I am as curious as some of you might be. When dealing with matters of present and eternal consequence I tread cautiously so as not to create confusion. However I will say that I look forward to the coming year as I serve God in my local church and community. I intend to engage the tasks laid before me with renewed vigor, trusting that God will be glorified, families will be brought closer to him and to each other, and the lost will find new life in Jesus Christ.


2 thoughts on “dreaming dreams amid the ashes of broken hopes

  1. “We did not make it but God is making me… ”

    Just remembering the words of rich mullin’s song and praying with you on what you shared about. We all go through changes that is scary and sometimes cannot be comprehended.

  2. Just saw this. You wrote it when I was out of town. I am praying for you regarding the role that God is calling you to live in!

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