Missional Discipleship: Beginning a Conceptual Journey

In the past several weeks I have been posting thoughts on my facebook account, partly to archive them, and primarily to invite discussion from others. As I have done this, combined with my readings offline, I am come across a term which isn’t terribly innovative, but seems profoundly meaningful for me at this stage in my journey. Although I created the term for myself, I have since discovered through a simple internet search that many others before me have used it in their own ways. Nevertheless, for my purposes, missional discipleship sets two popular concepts in a phrase so as to imply a necessary relationship between the two. I believe it is the kind of thing Jesus meant when he told the fishermen from the outset that he would make them fishers of men, and later that he was sending them to go and make disciples of the nations. Missional discipleship  unites mission and discipleship. It is not one and then the other. They coexist in a necessary unity, providing for each other the context in which faith content and maturity may be nurtured while being unleashed.

So then, I am wrestling with the concepts with a view toward rigorous biblical interpretation, and relevant practical application. It has implications both for ministry in general and children’s ministry in particular.


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