I want to finish well

A shortened version of this video was shown at the conclusion of today’s adult worship service at my church. The guest speaker, our worship leader Ryan Bucher, spoke on the life of Moses and Moses’ ongoing battle with insecurity and uncertainty concerning his calling. God reassured Moses repeatedly of his empowerment and presence. He struggled all the same.

When the video was shown, I am sure there were many tears. I also began to weep. But for me, it was more than simply an empathy for the plight of the runner. It was and is an identification with his struggle. Life throws curveballs which seem to dash your dreams. In the midst of that pain and turmoil, there arises out of the ashes something of beauty, even if it does not seem at first apparent. I am not sure what the future holds for me. At this writing it seems far removed from the dreams I once held dear. I am coming to terms with that reality. But I press on in faithfulness to Jesus Christ, embracing those who would put themselves out there to help me along the way, and enduring any suffering which is a part of my journey. At the end, when the dust settles, I want to finish well.


One thought on “I want to finish well

  1. Thank you for sharing this. This could not been posted at a better time in my life. I will pray for you, brother, as I pray for myself.
    Thank you.

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