Unleashing Creativity in the Face of Discouragement

I am most creative when I am most passionate. For in that passion I set aside preconceived inhibitions which tell me that I cannot do it. It is as if I look at the Simon Cowell of my imagination and reply, “I really don’t care what you think. So pfft.”

Maybe some of you are like me, doubting your own abilities, your own capacity to develop innovative solutions to your ministry challenges. You wonder why on earth God has placed you in your ministry; rather, in his ministry to which he has entrusted you. Yet here you are, like me, struggling, hoping, laboring passionately, but harboring doubts deep in the privacy of your own heart. Sometimes it makes you cry, feeling as if you have let others down. Indeed, feeling like you have let God down.

And in those moments, God would have you look again to him and rest. Rest in the assurance that if he called you, he will equip you. As you avail yourself of opportunities to learn, and the resources that are available, and the encouragement of your faith community, you will grow, and improve, and find fulfillment through God’s blessing on your life and work.

Discouragement in children’s ministry is a common malady, often resulting from things like stress, isolation, ongoing criticism from various sources, a break down of relationships and spiritual disciplines, and so on. There are many reasons it can happen. Some of them we have control over. Others, not so much. But we can control how we respond.

Obstacles are an opportunity to learn and grow, even when they at first hurt our feelings. Don’t let the obstacles destroy your passion for living and ministry. Rather, consider them an opportunity for God to unleash his creativity through you in keeping with how he has gifted you. And don’t be surprised if someone comes to you marvelling at your courageous creativity and how it has brought them closer to Jesus.


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