Are You Ready to Launch into Courageous Creativity?

My interests are “an eclectic menagerie of dissonant curiosities.” Maybe this is why I love writing and photography, books on children’s ministry and grammars on dead languages, improvisational humor and outreach to the marginalized, to name a few of my dissonant curiosities. I doubt you are any different. You have a variety of interests, hobbies, and passions; the stuff that keeps you going, even when you are tired.

God made you wonderfully, creatively, passionately. When you were crafted he was pleased. Why do you doubt it, if even for a moment? Your worth is not dependent on the opinions of others. It is intrinsically encoded into you, image bearer of God that you are. You are precious, a jewel of inestimable worth. And God has a plan for you. Not some haphazard castoff plan, left behind by those whom you feel are more important than you. No. It is a mission of God to be who you are in the way in which he has designed you to the people he has called you all the days of your life. Why, in the private moments of your heart, do you doubt it? When you begin to understand God’s overwhelming love for you, you will launch into a fresh season of courageous creativity as a blessing to all the lives you touch.


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