Neighborhood Family Carnival

5125_1076122304447_1267907609_30178394_545523_nThe carnival went great yesterday. Many families from the neighborhood came to visit and enjoy the fun. It was a beautiful day with lots of laughter. I met many new families, plus got to see many of my regular local kids from the apartments and the church. Events are hard to pull off. Two ladies in my church, Karen Bobst and Priscilla Newell were the driving force behind this year’s carnival. I am so very thankful for them, and for all the volunteers who came out to make it work. Next stop is VBS starting Wednesday. Woohoo!



2 thoughts on “Neighborhood Family Carnival

  1. great to see you guys pulling this off! i’m thinking how a carnival like this can look like in our local context in singapore.. hmmm

  2. For us it takes a lot of work, but the concept is fairly simple. We rent carnival games for a half day. The company brings them in, sets them up, and shows us how to use them. Actually, we pretty much have the “how” down since we have done it a couple of times per year for several years.

    Then there is the recruitment and training of workers, and getting the word out to the community. This event has been a watershed in helping us connect positively with our neighbors. It costs money, but I believe the expense is paying off.

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