Father’s Day and the Fatherless

Although I cannot be a father in reality, I choose to use this day, like every other, to demonstrate the Father’s love to the fatherless. In America countless boys and girls, and young men and women, go about their lives without the direct influence of a father. Some were orphaned through death, divorce or abandonment. Some never knew their biological fathers. For many of them, Father’s Day is a source of pain, a reminder of what they do not have.

I have spent the last two years without my father. He died in the summer of 2007. I have some sense of the loss that is felt when a parent dies. I can only imagine how it must impact a child.

I propose something different. Rather than simply (and understandably) wringing our hands over how to celebrate this very important day while also being sensitive to the needs of the fatherless, why not celebrate the fatherless by coming alongside them daily, thereby being used of God to demonstrate to them the Father’s love? In addition, celebrate your fathers with special enthusasim on this day as an extension of your daily love for them. And thank them for who they are and what they do everyday for your family. Do it while you can. Say what needs to be said. Invite them to join you also in reaching out to the fatherless among you. They are everywhere, not only among the poor, but also in our suburbs and among the wealthy. Fatherlessness is no respector of social status. It wields its suffering widely, but with special harshness among the marginalized.


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