Giving Responsibility to Children in Kids Church

Recently I took a calculated risk during Kids Church. I ceded some element of control of a puppet show to four children. I asked them to do an improvisational puppet show. I explained to them that they were to provide the words for the puppets and the motions and make it up on the spot. Their eyes got wide. I don’t think they were sure they could pull it off at first. I gave them a simple scenario. Each of their puppets was to share one thing it planned to do this summer, plus one specific way in which it intended to serve God. I let them practice for several minutes before I brought in the other children, and then it was show time. And what a show it was. I stood next to the stage just in case they needed some prompting or assistance, but my precautions became moot in short order. They thrived.

They came up with a choreographed skit which looked and felt better than any previous puppet show we have attempted. They had fun, the audience thought it was hilarious, and they all got the point. Summer can be fun, especially when we choose to serve God.

Why not provide these kinds of opportunities for children who desperately want to try their hand at performance in a way that honors the Lord?  I put my trust in them, and they showed they were up to the responsibility.


2 thoughts on “Giving Responsibility to Children in Kids Church

  1. way to go Glenn. I got a message from a parent saying how her son was disappointed that we asked him to serve in kids church but we did not follow up on how. thanks for the boost and I’m for giving the ministry back to them..

  2. Thanks for the comment, bro. I think that if we build involvement of children into the dna of our church culture, it will provide systems for us to follow up more naturally. In part it is a relational thing, but it also entails having a system to help you manage promises made and responsibilities given. A good project management tool can help with this. Or simply build an excel sheet for this purpose.

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