What am I up to?

Recent weeks have been quite busy. I have curtailed my online activity as a result. From dangerous falls to driving near misses and fender benders, and on to exhaustion from busy days at work, illness, and church duties, my mind has been active, but my ability to write has been limited. Simply put, I am very tired when I get home. Yet here I am now, forcing myself to write something, anything, to placate my nearly dormant blog.

What is happening with me now, you wonder? Here is what is on tap for the coming weeks.


  • I plan to write a guest post for discipleblog.com at the request of Karl Bastian. I do so with fear and trembling, recognizing the incredible responsibility I have to write with integrity and excellence. This is why good editors are so needed!
  • I also plan to continue exploring issues related to smaller churches and children’s ministry. I began a discussion over at kidology.org entitled “Serving in Smaller Churches.” It includes a poll which I invite you to participate in, regardless of the size of your church. I also have begun reading Dr. Rick Chromey’s book Energizing Children’s Ministry in the Smaller Church (Standard Publishing: 2008). It is likely I will write a review of it on this blog when I am finished.
  • I have been participating in the Children’s Ministry Think Tank over at ministry-to-children.com. It has been a learning experience for several reasons. I am trying to get a handle on discerning what would be most helpful for the readers of that site. I don’t think I have nailed it yet, but I am learning from the other writers. Mostly importantly, I try to be faithful to the Lord in crafting my responses, but also true to my own voice and background.


I am in the process of planning summer ministries, specifically a neighborhood family carnival, which is in dire need of attention right now, and VBS, which is faring a bit better. I also need to begin giving serious attention to fall ministries, especially the launch of VIP. I have a basic game plan, but details need to be worked out. One thing I have decided: brand new parents deserve and need attention right away, and I want to be a part of that in terms of encouragement and support. I am most concerned about continuing the outreach to the local children in the neighborhood through the summer and beyond.

Social networking

I am fairly active on Facebook, a very annoying site which also has a few upsides. The main upside is that it has allowed me to connect with people in my church with whom I normally do not have much weekly contact, other than hello and goodbye. I do not spend a lot of time trying to seek users out whom I have known in the past, or who I want to network with professionally. Yet some of them seem to find me, and that is a bonus in its own right.

My only other active network is Kidology, where I am a member and CP team member (fancy term for saying I interact with users and occasionally provide content). I am also a member of cmconnect.org, a great free site, but I rarely use it. I just don’t have time for one more social network.

I dropped twitter last week because it was more of a drain than a blessing. I understand its potential value, but I don’t have time to utilize it in a way that is worthwhile. Hence, I opted out.

So, there you have it. Just a little slice of my life. There is more, of course, but I doubt my readers will be interested in reading about my poetry or novel writing or recent cool counter-espionage spy dream….


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