What Dream Lies Dormant in Your Heart?

There are dreams worth pursuing. They are the audacious hopes that God deposits in our hearts. And their pursuit requires persistance. All kinds of obstacles will rise up to confront dreams, not least laziness, fear, lack of resources, and outright resistance.

What dream lies dormant in your heart? What is keeping you from pursuing it? And remember, the discouragements of your past need not prevent you from trying yet again. Thomas Edison is reported to have experienced many failures before finally inventing the lightbulb. His invention fundamentally revolutionized industrialized civilization. Now, about that dream you have….


2 thoughts on “What Dream Lies Dormant in Your Heart?

  1. I am a dream chaser! I blog about this alot – but one of my dreams is helping others see their dreams come true… so my question is to turn this post around on you and ask, out of curiosity, what’s behind it? What dream are YOU about to set out on pursuing? Can you share it? Is there an announcement coming? Some bold crazy adventure around the corner for my good friend Glenn?

    What is YOUR dream brother?!?

  2. Hey Karl, I appreciate that you are an encourager. I have long sensed that about you, and it was confirmed when I visited you in Colorado. As for any impending announcements, there are none at this time. I have a few things percolating, but nothing is ready to be brought to the surface just yet, at least not publicly. I would appreciate prayers though. :)

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