Fishers of Men

Jesus said, “Come with me. I will make you fishers of men.” After a puppet show put on by four students in PowerClub Kids, I asked all of the children last night, “What does ‘I will make you fishers of men’ mean?” One child said, “It means he wanted to take them fishing.” Several others nodded yes. Another child said, “It means he wanted them to fish for men.”

“Okay, but what does it mean to fish for men?” I replied. They thought. And they thought. “It’s kinda like fishing for fish!” a boy chimed in.

“You mean they got out their nets, and they threw them into the Sea of Galilee, and instead of hauling in fish, they brought in people?”

Giggling and smiles and heads shaking no.

A seven year-old girl smiled widely and raised her hand.


“It means that God wants us to help people know him, and to teach them how to help others know him, too.”

The class held its breath, waiting for some sign of my response. I looked into her beautiful eyes. And I smiled. I thanked her for her response. I marvelled at her attentiveness which helped her to understand the big idea of the story.

But I was most touched that this was her first time ever in church. Imagine that. She is living the lesson she helped me to teach.


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