late watches in the night

img018There is something about the late watches of the night. You may know the feeling. Your heart is unsettled. Your mind active. And sleep evasive. And you wonder. You wonder if the next day will be overwhelming because of your present lack of sleep. You wonder if the pressures will stress your resolve to maintain patience. You wonder if God is watching.

Then you sense  something. That stirring in the deeps. You remember that the Psalmist prayed, “Answer me when I call to you, Oh my Righteous God. Bring me relief in my distress and hear my prayer…. Let the light of your face shine upon me Lord. You have given me greater joy. I will lie down and sleep in peace for you alone Oh Lord make me dwell in safety.” And from the depths of your heart rises a song. A new song. A song of the Lord. And the tears fall, this time not strictly from pain, but joy. Joy in knowing that God is watching. Right now. As you read these words. And he has some things to discuss with you, so I will leave you to it as I continue my own watch in the night.


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