The Challenge of Discipleship

I am processing various ideas concerning the challenge of discipleship. Wondering how they fit into the scheme of my life. Praying for guidance as I do so.

And so I share some excerpts from my thoughts….

  • Fear produces the fight or flight response. Sorta like the disciples when Jesus was taken captive after being betrayed with a kiss from one of their own. They attempted to fight. Then they fled. Confidence in Christ produces longsuffering which stays the course in the face of peril. Like the disciples in later maturity, who followed Christ even when it meant execution.
  • Relationships which remain shallow like those of mere acquaintances are bereft of authentic love. Commonality is based on the facades we tacitly agree to place before each other, rather than the rich texture of immersion which can only occur through genuine transparency. We become familiar strangers, never really knowing each other, and never caring to try for fear of being hurt. Yet, we hurt all the same, though we cannot figure out why.
  • Gifts and callings are without repentance, according to the apostle. Yet there may come new seasons, new expressions, new platforms, and new possibilities which never could have been conceived when you first sensed God depositing in your life your unique calling and giftedness. A step in a new direction does not imply that past activities were without merit. Nor do past expressions of obedience indicate that your future is without sacred mystery according to God’s call.
  • Obedience will be met with resistance, often out of proportion to your expectations. Therefore, guard your heart and mind, flee temptation and obstain from even the hint of immorality, and run to the safety of allies in the faith who will love and pray for you, and watch over your best interests as unto the Lord.
  • Joy is an integral component to daily discipleship. Laughter is its chief expression. Thankfulness, its chief attitude.

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