I Love America

I hear a lot of talk by Christians about how they are ashamed of America. They chafe at its rampant consumerism, a trait which is notably declining due to the economic downturn. Some criticize what they say is its Imperialism, taking the American way to distant shores and forcing our way of life on others. Possibly some validity here, although I think it is a hypocritical argument when folks from distant shores are trying everso hard to gain access to America to experience its liberty and opportunities.

Does America have problems? Absolutely. Just like every other nation on the planet. We all are like sheep who have gone estray. Each of us as turned to our own ways, including America in many respects.

Yet, America is unique among the nations of the world both now and in human history. We were founded on the principle of liberty and justic for all as one nation under God. And no, the original founders did not believe there should be a separation of church and state in the way it is interpreted by justices today, or a freedom from religion as a vocal minority would have us believe. Read the work of Mark David Hall, Herbert Hoover Distinguished Professor of Political Science from George Fox University, to gain a better view of what the founders really said and wrote. His work is especially helpful in dispelling the notion that most, if not all, the founders were deists. He helped to set me straight on that bit of misinformation.  

I love America. We have our problems. We have made our share of wrong choices. We take responsibility for those errors in judgement. But we love liberty. We promote the cause of liberty around the world, welcoming (historically anyway) people from all walks of life to our shores for comfort and aid, and going abroad to lend assistance where we are able.

To those who say they are ashamed to be American because of what you learned from your university professor, I recognize that you have liberty to express that shame in this country. Indeed, our current sitting president and his wife have openly done so, both before and after his inauguration. But you have not earned my personal affirmation of your belief. After all, I enjoy liberty to hold my views as well. My ancestors died in order that you might have freedom to express your ideas. I only hope you recognize the irony before our liberties are eroded to such an extent that any dissent is quelled by those in power who cannot abide disagreement with their views.


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