Social Warriors or Christ-like Witnesses?

I posted a comment in response to an article on the Children’s Ministry and Culture blog yesterday. I share my opinion about the firestorm of Christian social reaction against the American Idol contestant Adam Lambert. I invite you to read it with the understanding that while I do not advocate, support, or agree with what some have called “ambiguous sexuality,” I am concerned about our witness to the lost. I think we lose ground in our witness when we draw battle lines in a music contest over criteria that have nothing to do with music and performance.


One thought on “Social Warriors or Christ-like Witnesses?

  1. I read the article and your comments and I couldn’t agree more. I may not agree with everything my brother does. In this case, I do not. But I am called to love and witness to my brother. In this case, ESPECIALLY to him. Do I do that before or after I yell “burn in hell sinner”? A Christian who votes for someone in a singing competition based on a their sexuality is just as hypocritacal has the gay person trying to oust the new Miss USA because she’s against gay marriage. To be righteous we must act righteously and not like the world acts.

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