Loving Friends and Loving Enemies

If we tell our dearest friends we love them, and show them through acts of kindness, we can anticipate some sort of reciprocation. Everyone feels the mutual blessing of fellowship, and that is a good thing. It is harmonious and wonderful.

But if we demonstrate acts of kindness out of a heart of love to those who despise us, who have made themselves to be our enemies, we can anticipate a rainbow of responses, ranging from surprise to disgust, from mellowing to outright hatred. We just don’t know for sure. Yet, Jesus calls us to love our enemies anyway. It is an authentic act of selflessness which harbors no expectation of return in kind.

It is the kind of love that God first demonstrated toward us, who being at enmity with God, were lost in our wickedness until Christ died for us and then rose again. All out of love.


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