Daring to live the life of Christ in the world

If I lay my life down at the feet of Jesus, then what might that imply in terms of my future? Will I dare live the life of Christ in the midst of a workplace teeming with the lost? Will I demonstrate acts of love in a marketplace where selfishness is the rule? Will I turn the other cheek when others treat me wrongly, when my first instinct has been to defend myself? Will I wash the feet of the wayfarers who are tired from toil, hungry and thirsty, too? Will I feed them, clothe them, serve them even as Jesus served his contemporaries?

Or will I nod knowingly, satisfied that I understand the biblical texts dealing with Jesus servant attitude, and promise myself that if the situation (strictly hypothetically, of course) should ever arise where I am called to give of myself sacrificially for the benefit of another, I would be careful to do what is necessary to lend aid and comfort. Mmhm. Right. I am not convinced of my lip service either. Gated communities have that effect of innoculating people from the harsh realities facing those less fortunate, and those who so desperately need to hear the gospel, regardless of their station in life. Better to live among others as fellow sojourners. There is a mutual respect that rises up in the midst of shared toil, pain, and joy. It breaks down the barriers that divide. It creates understanding which transcends ethnicity, financial means, employment status, and political differences. It is the stuff of life lived unselfishly, as we prefer others above ourselves. You know, like Jesus did when he washed the feet of his disciples all those centuries ago.


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