though time slows, life goes on

It has been a slow end to what has seemed like a long week to me. Illness does that to you. It causes pain and discomfort. It wreaks havoc on your body’s defenses. It slows time to a crawl. Yet, I see the glimmer of light peeking in. My sense of humor is intact. I missed no work, thankfully, although I did miss the Wednesday night Kids Club. And now Sunday is almost here. Only one teacher has called in sick, so I will cover for her, plus do the early childhood kids church tomorrow. Then I have to decide whether to go home, or visit family to help celebrate the 18th birthday of my twin niece and nephew. Not sure yet what I will decide.

Today I stayed home and inside all day. I allowed myself to rest. Novel idea. I chatted with a missionary friend from Romania who always inspires me, and I spent time thinking. Thinking and praying.

I took a quick peek at my novel. It needs serious rewriting. Actually it needs serious rethinking. But some of the basic concepts, amorphous as they are, are quite potent if they can be unleashed through compelling characters which inhabit  an interesting plotline. I will be trying my hand at some method writing to generate fresh material. Perhaps that will be a good project for tomorrow if time permits. In the meantime I retire early so that I may wake strong in the morning.


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