the beauty of fellowship

During the last few days I have experienced an abundance of fellowship. First, there was the graduation banquet on Friday night. Yesterday I spent time with family following the commencement. Today, after church, I had lunch with staff and folks who are new to our church. This evening I am headed to a friend’s house to watch the Portland Trail Blazers take on the Houston Rockets. I have not been this much of a social butterfly since….well….I just haven’t.  I have been thirsty for it, thirsty for the beauty of fellowship with other believers and with my family. I now I am drinking deeply of its well, starting slowly at first, but progressing as the days go by. As I have said in previous posts, the spiritual discipline which I must cultivate to bring balance to my life is that of community. As I do so, I am experiencing fresh dimensions of the life of Christ which cannot be enjoyed in solitude. Solitide has its place and will always be a part of my life as a single person. But community must gain its rightful place as well.

Are you experiencing the fullness of what God desires to deposit in your life through community? It is a beautiful thing. Drink deeply of fellowship and give out of love. You may be surprised by the joy which grows through faithfulness to Jesus and love for each other.


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