and so it ends, only to give way to the new

Glen WoodsI have reached the end of a journey. I now commence a new one. The commencement ceremony for Western Seminary was quite lovely and distinguished. It is fair to say I will not forget it.

I invite you to join with me in the days to come as the continuing story unfolds.  For the moment I rejoice and celebrate honorably. Yet, I am aware that there is great urgency in the coming year to implement the results of my research in cooperation with my pastor and the church we serve. That will be the true test of my efforts. This is why I chose the title Praxis of Nurture in Small Churches for my Doctor of Ministry dissertation. Praxis is truth discovered in action, as well as applied truth. As we work with parents to help them in the faith and life nurture of their children, there will indeed continue to emerge the interface of the theoretical and the practical. Thus, application will give rise to the correlation of new ideas and skillsets, and ongoing adjustments to the culture, while maintaining biblical fidelity and faithfulness to first order theological truths.

My priority will be to do what I can to partner tangibly with parents so that they experience first hand the benefits of our mutually negotiated partnerships. I must give thanks to Karl Bastian for his work in developing VIP (Very Intential Parenting). It is one part of the solution which I will be seeking to implement in the coming months. You may purchase the download for your church by logging on to and going to the Kidology store.


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