sending out graduates in prayer

Today we had the graduation rehearsal. We learned where we would sit and stand and walk during various parts of the ceremony. We received our regalia. We smiled for photos. We prepared to be sent out. Not figuratively. In actuality. We are graduates. We are being called by the heart of God to go all around the world. To urban areas and rural. To the powerful elite and to the poorest of the poor who have no voice. And to the entire spectrum of social strata in between. We are called to love them, laying down our lives and our ambitions in the process. So, please pray for us.

Pray that God will continue to crush our pride and prepare us for the gritty realities set before us in the marketplace and communities. Pray for boldness to speak in the face of political correctness, and to confront entrenched power brokers prophetically who are unjust toward others and poor stewards of that which has been entrusted to them. Pray for wisdom to know when and how to speak or write, and when simply to remain silent. Pray that we would be pure before God, not led estray to the temptations which so easily distract. Pray that we will finish well,  not in the world’s eyes, but in God’s eyes.

Tomorrow, during commencement, the leaders will ask each graduate to find a spot in the auditorium and to kneel facing away from the platform. This is symbolic of our being sent. They will pray for us. Will you join them? The hour is urgent. We cannot fulfill our mission apart from the power of God and his grace. While we have been prepared in many ways, we understand that it is not simply by our intellectual ability or growing skills that we will be effective in reaching the generations to come with the gospel of Jesus Christ, demonstrating God’s presence in the world and the hope of eternal glory. It is through God’s anointing and sustaining grace. So our need and desire for prayer is sincere. God is on the move and we invite you to join us in engaging his mission for the world.


2 thoughts on “sending out graduates in prayer

  1. Indeed, I will be praying for you. God has His hand on your life, brother! Go forth and (as an old college buddy of mine liked to say) “rock ’em at the palace.”

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