the end is near

The end is near, in a manner of speaking. The end of my academic career is almost done. On Saturday I will put on the regalia, smile alot, and thank many for what they have meant to me over the years. I especially will thank my family. And there are some friends who can expect a phone call in the near future, too. After earning a BA, MA, MDiv and now, a DMin, I am ready to focus my attention elsewhere. Oh, I will still pursue lifelong learning. A lecture here, a class there, and research and writing to boot. But I am done pursuing degrees. It still hasn’t sunk in completely. It likely won’t until I actually have the degree in hand next month. Yes, you read that right. Next month. I couldn’t pay my entire school bill in time so receipt of the degree will have to wait until that happens, which is fine with me. It will just go on the floor with my other pieces of paper, so no hurry. When I complete payment and receive the paper then I know just where to put it, near the socks and the old computer monitor underneath the desk….but I digress. The end is near and I am grateful. Now I have an opportunity to continue applying what I have learned without the continued pressure of academic hoops.  I also will be in prayer concerning the dreams held down deeply in my heart. Maybe there will come a time to give them more attention, as well.


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