for every moment a purpose

My heart is beating. So is yours, although only you can feel it, and only I can perceive mine doing its job without any conscious effort by me. Our hearts have a purpose which they fulfill every moment of the day. So do our lives; they also have a purpose. Meaning. Value.

Every moment we live is embedded by the intrinsic value endowed to us by our Creator. Furthermore, as image-bearers of our Creator, we are  wonderfully fashioned to fulfill his marvelous purposes. Whether in our leisure or our work, in our slumber or our explorations of creative endeavors, we have been uniquely made to reflect the character and personality of God, particularly in our worship and our community.

Let’s make every moment count for God’s glory. Let’s not waste a single moment pursuing anything which would bring discredit to his name. Rather, let’s follow hard after Jesus Christ, even at the expense of our own comfort.


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