Update on my Situation

Sometimes we are made to take a life journey we would rather  avoid. I have gone through a few of those in the past four years. This weekend I began another. I hesitate to mention it because I do not want to be self-indulgent or a whiner. Let me simply say this. Life is neither fair or considerate of our dreams and plans. Still, we retain the ability to control how we respond. I choose to respond positively, understanding that as I submit myself to God he will work in a way that pleases him.

I do not know what the coming weeks will bring. It won’t be easy. Any pain I experience will be poured out directly to God, rather than in my conversations or in writing. The hardest part right now is the waiting.

For those of you interested in details, all I can say is that I fell and broke the tip of my right elbow. So, at this point you know as much as I do. I hope to learn more on April 8 when I see the orthopedist. I appreciate the many kind words and prayers. I am fine and in good spirits. I continue to be fiercely independent, so I am able to do what is needed to live life daily.

My prayer request is that there would be healing in the elbow and wisdom medically so that correct decisions are made in a timely way. Thank you for your love and concern. I intend to continue posting as I am able. I have much on my mind that I hope to share soon.


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