a warrior never quits

Although generations of soldiers lined my family tree for hundreds of years, it was not appointed to me to take up arms in battle. Their sacrifices and refusals to quit gave me the opportunity to live freely and in relative peace. Yet there is something within me that burns, a yearning of another kind, a call to arms in the spiritual realm. Though the destroyer would seek to defeat me through whatever means necessary, I refuse to quit. Rather, I lay my life down at the foot of the cross. My heart is laid bare and my will is being conformed in obedience to my Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. In so doing, no bad news can be piled so high, no disappointment can taste so bitter, no circumstance can seem so frustrating, that I  should choose to give up. I chose to live a life of the cross at an early age, and by God’s grace and power I will do so all the days of my life. All the secondary stuff which too easily gets us worked up pales in light of God’s surpassing greatness. I will gladly suffer another injustice if, in doing so, God’s name should be honored and the lost be introduced to Jesus. Truly, may my name decrease so that Christ’s may increase as a witness to the nations of his glorious love which he demonstrated through his death and resurrection. God, alone, is worthy of our worship and I will declare his praises until my final breath.


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