When a child grows up

img016 This photo depicts two boys circa 1915 or 16. The younger is my grandfather on my dad’s side. The older boy, with his trademark severe attitude, is his brother. Much history surrounds the events leading up to and following this scene. My grandfather was kind then, as he continued to be later in life. He had three boys of his own, fought in WWII in the Pacific theater, became a mechanic, and loved his wife, children, and grandchildren deeply. He was a peacemaker and a warrior. He was gentle and fierce. Although the Japanese kamikaze pilot sunk his ship, hitting the exact spot he had just exited, he survived to see his boys marry and have children. He grew up, and has passed on. His legacy is worth remembering for family and for those of you who do not know him. He fought for your liberty against tyranny which threatened to dominate civilization. He did so with the gentle heart of a peacemaker. It is the kind of thing which happens when a child grows up.


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