when bad news comes

I broke my right elbow last night in a fall. Here I sit typing one handed. Although I am ambidextrous, it is still a challenge.   Much of my life will be a physical challenge in the coming days and weeks. But I have hope and my sense of humor is intact. So is my sense of proportion. Look at the bright side. At least my posts will be much shorter as demanded by the gurus of blogging etiquette. Hopefully they will be helpful. But don’t just sit there waiting for me to write something profound. Go love someone like Jesus, just like the kind man who helped me last night while I lay stunned and bleeding, and so very alone. When you do that, then there will be something worth blogging about which overshadows any suffering we might experience. So, go. Love. And remember that as you do it for the least of these, you also do it for Jesus.


6 thoughts on “when bad news comes

  1. OUCH! So sorry to hear that! Now your encouraging email to me earlier today after my bad news means even more since you wrote it in pain!! Hope it heals soon!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your arm, Glen! Glad to hear you’re in good spirits. We’ll be praying for a speedy and uncomplicated recovery!!!

  3. Ouch. Hope you get healed up as fast as possible. I still want to see that trick that you do with the football! Our prayers will be with you. Now stop annoying people with all of that whining. Oh wait….that was me. :)


  4. My dearest Glen,

    I am soo sorry to hear you have injured yourself. I have had several broken bones my self, although they were in my youth. I managed to fracture one arm, my collar bone and shoulderblade in one big swooping fall, and my ankle, and various and assundry fingers and toes over the years working with horses, and well in car doors etc.

    I watched my son go through this multiple times, 6 in one year. It broke my heart then just as this wounds me now. I am so far from you that I can be of no physical help whatsoever. I do have a few suggestions if you want them. Depending onthe kind of cast you have beenset up in, you may have little to no use of your hand for the practical things of living such as… snapping pants. Wear your athletic gear that just slips on and off for the time being. If you have a hand that will function, but the pain is overwhelming, know that it will decrease significantly within a week, and almost completely within 3 weeks.

    When it comes to the fridge, food and storage containers, forget the lids that fit, use foil. it is manageable with one hand. you can even buy it in pre cut squares for a few dollars. It simplifies life.

    When it comes to bathing……. We used to wrap Jons arm in grocery bags, but when he reached adult size those were too small. We opted instead to wrap his cast with coban. it is elastic sticks to itself and water repellent, but not proof. Jon would shower with one arm outside the shower as much as possilble doing all his bathing with one hand. When it as time to try to wash his one armpit, he either used his “puff on a stick” or I would wash it for him as he his modestly behind the shower curtain.

    Coban is a very handy tool and can be bought at a large animal feed store. If they sell things for farm animal care they carry coban. We would wrap his cast (or cloth covered splint) in coban to prevent it from getting really dirty, or wet and thenremove it later. Dirty may not be an issue for you, but for a little boy it was.

    I suggest you buy food that is mostly prepared already. canned soup, you can make a sandwich but everything takes longer, so maybe consider making two sandwiches each time so you have one less to make tomorrow.

    If you have been given pain meds feel free to take them. It isn’t abuse when you have pain. It is abuse if you have no pain and keep taking them because you like the feeling they give. (wink)

    For dressing, socks can be challenge, if youdon’t have them, go buy a pack of shortie socks it just simplifies life. They can go on one handed much more easily than longer socks, and go for it, wear white socks with dress pants.

    If I were there, I would send my men over to help you with anything you needed and make sure you had food etc. My heart aches for you my friend as I do know the pain and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

    If you hand is swelling, dont just elevate your arm above your heart, put it with hand up so forarm is paralell to a wall, and elbow above heart, hand above head. You may need to put a hook into the wall and create a sling to keep it that way. I put one in for Jon at the head of his bed so he could sleep with his arm up. If you have a long cold weather knitted scarf those work well, just slip the two ends over the hook. You can also ask for a long piece of the fabric that is tube like that is used against your skin before the cotton wrapping goes onto your arm when being casted. (does that make sence?)

    If I can help you with any ideas for anything, please call. I love you very much my dear friend. You are a treasure and a gem.
    Beth 208-546-4711 (new number now)

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