Enroute to Northwest Ministry Conference…and back again so soon

After a long rest stop at work starting at 8 am where I will drive forklift, wrestle vinyl and carpet, and tackle sundry other heavy labor jobs until 6 pm, I will then depart for the Seattle area to attend the Northwest Ministry Conference (formerly Northwest Christian Education Conference) at Overlake Christian Church in Redmond. I return home on Saturday afternoon.

Due to an apparent overabundance of exhibitors wanting to speak in multiple workshops, I got bumped out of teaching a workshop this year. The conference leader graciously gave me a complementary ticket to attend, so I decided to head on up anyway. I look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones, all without the pressure to perform for a workshop or an exhibit booth. Instead I will attend a few select workshops and spend a lot of time networking and praying/thinking about current and future initiatives for my ministry context.

As time permits I will blog my thoughts on workshops I attend and helpful insights that arise out of my experiences. Most likely, the bulk of my blogging will be done when I return home, but I will try to post while there as well, using the complementary hotel computer.

If you plan to be at this conference please do look me up. I will be wandering around looked dazed and confused as always, but I frequently will drop by the Equipping Kids booth to make sure Brian and Peter are working (as opposed to stealing candy from the booths of other vendors). Yes, you can tell them I said that. :) See you in Seattle!


I am home from the conference. Actually I never made it in the first place. I arrived in Bellevue, checked into my hotel and then promptly took a serious fall outside as I was walking to my room. I am back in town and on my way to the doctor right now. It is very disappointing to miss the conference but I have a responsibility to myself and my employer to make sure I receive necessary medical care. So, there will be no blogging the conference this year. Maybe next time. :)


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