What Children Think About

Once in a while I take time during mid-week kids club to have a brief intentional chat with each child. While the children are enjoying a game or free play time I call them over to me individually one at-a-time. Last night I asked them two questions: do they have any questions about God? do they have any prayer requests?

Here are a few of their responses.

Boy: I am sometimes sad because of what just happened (his grandmother had died).

Girl: I heard that when Jesus comes back he is going to take all the people who believe him. What will happen to those who don’t believe? Will they  be destroyed with the earth and heaven?

Girl (this girl lives in a government subsidized low-income apartment community): I want to ask God to help poor people who don’t have enough to eat, or clothes to wear, or a place to live.

Girl: Please pray for my mom who is having another surgery.

Girl: I am worried about my family because my Dad lost his job and is still looking for work.


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