Vigilance Never Assumes Anything

I had two opportunities to relax my security vigilance this morning in the children’s ministry at church. The first instance occurred when two brothers from the apartments across the street came into the gymnasium when church was nearly over. They wanted to play in the gymn. I polited declined their request and walked them back home. I intended to speak with their father. When they opened the door I saw that he was asleep on the couch. The time was 11:30 am. He had no idea where they had been.

The second situation happened at closing as parents began checking out children. A four year old child said she wanted someone other than her mother to check her out. I informed her I did not know the person and that it would not happen. She attempted to get a man to check her out anyway. As someone new to our church he was prepared to take her along with his own child. I politely informed him this was not possible and that parents are responsible for checking out their own children. Moments later the mother arrived and I informed her of what had transpired. Apparently the man was a friend of their family, but I did not know that. She was understanding, although her daughter remained perturbed at my refusal to let her go until her mother came.  

Moral of this post? Vigilance never assumes anything when it comes to security procedures. I am willing to endure the potential ire of children and parents in order to secure their safety. Are you?


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