Change Has Come to the Whitehouse

To my friends in children’s ministry, this is a political post. Feel free to comment respectfully, but I won’t allow flaming.

Yes, change has come.

  • Pessimism has replaced optimism. President Obama states that the economy likely will get worse even with the stimulus package. He is totally in over his head with the economy. He has no clue of history and how the economy, if allowed to self-correct by weeding out bad business decisions and prospering good ones, will come back healthier. But no, he wants to meddle.
  • Fear tactics have replaced honest and forthright appraisals of the situation. President Obama is warning that if we do not pass the stimulus package immediately, then our country may NEVER recover economically. What kind of thing is that for a president to say? Unbelievable.
  • The news media seems to be largely willing and complicit in becoming official state sanctioned propoganda outlets. Did you see the softballs they lobbed at President Obama when they questioned him last night at his first nationally televised conference?
  • The president wants to tax Americans into submission so that we have no choice but to rely on government for supplying our jobs, basic needs and supplies, education and healthcare, not to mention the three wheel vehicles we will all be forced to fit into someday. (On a positive note, this will inspire me to lose weight….) Did you hear him ridicule the notion of tax breaks last night? He feels government spending is the weigh to solve the recession. That is what got us into this mess! Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ring any bells?
  • Bi-partisanship now means silencing conservatives who oppose the president’s ideas. Why are the Democrats lobbying Republicans to silence Rush Lumbaugh? Why are some of the Republicans agreeing? What are they afraid of? Good grief. He is a radio host, albeit a host with a listenership of 20 million. I haven’t been a huge fan of Rush’s, mostly because of disagreeing with the tone of some of his satire. But thank you Mr. President. I think Rush was right all along. Some satire is needed to expose the socialistic agenda you are wielding against the foundations of our revered American principles of liberty and justice for all.

This is just a brief snippet of all that is going on. I respect the office of the president. As  I said in a recent post, I am praying for this president. At the same time, I oppose his ideas. By the way, given his desire to silence opposition I shouldn’t be surprised to discover a large black SUV in front of my home this morning after I post this. Hopefully they have converted to electric. I should be able to outrun it…. :) For all of you who in D.C. who take yourselves too seriously, that was a joke. :)


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