Are You Weary of the Phrase Partnering with Parents?

Does the term partnering with parents stick in the back of your throat like peanut butter without water to wash it down? Are you tired of trite slogans which have no practical meaning for your church? Look no further. Karl Bastian has offered a solution which may redeem the term partnering with parents in a realistic and transferable way. Interested? Good. Hear me out on this….

Karl developed the Kidology leadership lab Partnering With Parents with churches and their parents in mind. In the lab you will find an easily adaptable plan of action whereby you will learn to engage your parents in negotiated partnerships. They have responsibilities to the church, namely you the children’s leader. And you have responsibilities to them. This written and signed contract is negotiated so that it meets the needs of individual families and allows churches to tailor their ministries to what they learn about their participating families. But don’t just sit there and take my word for it. Go to now and purchase the lab. Soak it in. Talk about it on the Kidology forum. And use it in your church. You will soon find yourself interacting with a bunch of very intentional parents (V.I.P.). Go get the lab to find out how Karl does it. It will be the best investment you make in your ministry to families this year. I am certain of it. I also will be introducing my parents to it on March 15. I look forward to telling  you how it goes.


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