moments with children

The four year old girl ran to me with her arms held open. Clearly she wanted a big hug. Softly, she told me she did not get to see her mommy today. She was sad about that. She is a foster child who sees her mother only once per week on supervised visits. My heart broke for her as I prayed.

The three year old boy piped up in the middle of kids worship and said, “My Daddy lives in an apartment and my Mommy lives in another house.” He frowned. Then he smiled as I began to pray for him and his parents.

When I arrived at their door to pick up children, the three year old girl danced up and down when her mother asked if she would like to go to Kids Club tonight. Apparently, the answer was yes, even if she was not able to speak it.

The ten year old boy continues to be sullen about church. Yet, he still comes. Near the end, he reportly began to participate in a game which was too fun not to play. His friend, the eight year old enjoyed the evening and told the ten year old he didn’t even try to participate until the end.

The two brothers, eight and nine, were sad that their dad would not let them come tonight. Next week, but not tonight. I smiled and said I would return then.

These are a few moments with children which I encountered tonight on my first day back to mid-week ministry. I look forward to seeing what God will do.


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