What curriculum am I currently using?

Every so often folks ask me what curriculum I am using in my church. Here is how it stands currently.

Sunday school: Faithweaver by Group Publishing Faithweaver.com

Children’s Church: KidsOwn Worship by Group Publishing KidsOwnWorship.com

Mid-week: 4th-6th- Grapple by Group Publishing Group.com/grapple

Mid-week preschool-3rd: Well, I have been using Kidsownworship for this as well, but I need to make adjustments because of the wide age range. I don’t have the staffing yet for FW Friends, so I am going to take the Faithweaver theme of the week and do my own thing based on it in more of a club atmosphere.

In case you think I am totally beholden to Group, I can assure you I have used other very fine publishers in the past, most recently Gospel Light and David C. Cook. At my last church we used Radiant Life. However it seems like Group has the offerings that best meet the needs of our families at this point, so that is the direction we have gone.

Need a place to buy curriculum? You can always go to the publisher’s websites and order online. Group gives first rate service. There are also distribution houses such as Harvest in Chicago and Equipping Kids in Vancouver, Wa. I use Equipping Kids because they are close, they give a 15% discount on all curriculum and free freight on qualified orders. Most importantly, they actually do what they say they will do. I have as much confidence in them as I would ordering direct from the publisher. If you check them out tell them Glen sent you. Their website is equippingkids.com.


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