Reflecting on my Role in the Blogosphere

There are blogs that inform readers. There are blogs that double us over with laughter. Some blogs make us scratch our heads in befuddlement (see past posts on this blog for a sampling of what I mean). Others make us scratch our chins in amazement as we ponder deep thoughts of eternal and temporal consequence (check out the blogs in my blog roll for a sampling of what I mean). I have to ask myself, “What do I want my blog to be? What is my role in the blogosphere?”

I honestly am not sure. I hesitate to say my blog will be informative because the reality is there is not a whole lot I can add to the vast body of information available on the web. There are others who know more and are able to communicate it far more concisely and clearly. While it is true I do know a thing or two about what has and has not worked in my particular ministry setting and life, dare I posit that what I have learned might translate elsewhere around the world? It is humbling in a good sort of way to recognize that my formal education has not imparted to me a special dispensation as a repository of knowledge and wisdom. Instead, it has informed me, at least in part, of areas in which I am woefully lacking in knowledge, skill and passion.

So what I am to do? I am just going to be myself. But more than that, I choose to grow into the person God is developing me to be. It occurred to me this afternoon that maybe I have more to offer in the way of moving people to action through the heart, than contributing to their knowledge base. It is too early to say. I don’t know a lot, but what I do know I will use to the very best of my ability. I am not the most skilled, but what skills I do possess and will master in the future, I intend to wield with excellence to the utmost of my capacity to do so.

Maybe this isn’t simply a question of my role in the world of blogging. Perhaps it goes far deeper. Maybe it burrows into the heart of life and spirituality.

What about you? What is your role in the world of blogging? Be yourself. Be who God is making you to be. Throw out the contrived blogging rules of the well read elite and return to the frontiers of web communication, where exploration and innovation meet a passion for God and a love for your readers. There is only one of you, you know. Knock it out of the park by being you. Such a work of art you are, designed by our Creator. I look forward to reading the creations you craft as you follow his leading.


2 thoughts on “Reflecting on my Role in the Blogosphere

  1. Yeah, well said. Our role in blogsphere is to be ourselves’. I do believe when we be ourselves, maybe God can use whatever we do…. but if we try to be someone else, there’s no chance at all.

    Thanks for sharing yourself to us through your blog, Glen. A big happy new year to you,


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