2009 Predictions, erm Fun Guestimates

Earlier today Karl Bastian of Kidology.org asked Kidology users to state their 2009 predictions, just for fun. Here is what I wrote, just for fun:

  • Leaders in the broader church world and possibly the business world will take notice of the efforts and accomplishments of children’s ministry leaders with the motive of learning from what they are doing. Think in terms of social networking, topflite conferences, online training, coaching, informal networks, ongoing mentoring, recruiting and retaining large groups of volunteer ministers, using technology, developing innovative strategies, techniques and products.
  • Children’s Ministry leadership models will trend toward decentralization.
  • Children’s ministry budgets may see decreases in church budgets due to economic downturn, and yet be better off as a result through direct assigned giving and through measurable results which benefit the local church.
  • Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber will ride again. Bigger. Better. Vegetableier.  At least, I hope so. :)
  • Long term prediction: Social networking will become a primary source of online learning and relationship building. More so than blogging, chatting, email, or message boards individually. What I am not sure about is what form that will take. I suspect it will involve some form of all of the above, but that it will also include technological platforms and delivery systems which do not yet exist. It may well be something which renders the current iterations of Facebook and Myspace obsolete.

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