of snow and Christmas: a personal reflection

I have watched a fair amount of weather and travel coverage on the local news channels the past few days. Portland is socked in by snow and ice. Obviously, this affects travel plans and even the ability for local residents to get to work. My own employer has once again closed its doors today, an unusual decision given that we are a retail business. Life is dramatically altered by seriously inclement weather. And it can have an impact on the moods of people.

I watched on the news as various people lamented their inability to go see family. In fact many of them have had to give up plans and try to return home. I feel compassion for them, realizing the disappointment they must feel. As someone who lives alone, I can appreciate the desire to be with family, especially during the Christmas season. Indeed, it is looking doubtful that I will get to see my family. I kind of expected to feel depressed about this, but I don’t. While I desire to be with them, I do not despair. I will be with them in good time, perhaps on Christmas day; perhaps not. The wait in exchanging gifts is not a deal breaker for Christmas. Christ still reigns supreme. I will still celebrate his birth, as even now I am doing. I will still worship Jesus and honor him. I will still marvel at the miracle of the incarnation, Immanuel come to dwell among us.

What a marvelous joy to know that my security in life is not dependent on the temporal, earthly things. Rather, it is rooted in the life of Christ. In Christ, I am secure. So, I look forward to spending time with family soon. But through whatever snow, sleet, ice and setbacks I may experience, I will continue to abide in Jesus Christ, the Christ child come to save us from our sins; the risen Savior who will soon return to gather us up to him.

Merry Christmas. Remember. Christmas is only about Jesus and our response to him. Even in the temporary absences from our families, we can experience his joy everlasting. Let us invite him to fill our hearts to overflowing  once again by the Holy Spirit.


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