What to do if you are bored right now

I have been hearing much about people being bored. Not just young people, but adults as well. The snow and ice makes it hard to do the normal routines, so it is easy to feel a bit lost without those activities. Actually boredom has benefits, according to a recent New York Times article. But if you are itching to be active, maybe it is time to create some new activities which are doable even during inclement weather. Here are a few ideas to spark your creativity.

Visit your next door neighbor. Are they doing okay with the cold and ice? Do they need help around their house? Do they have enough food and water? Are they warm enough? Do they need help with their vehicle? See how you can help them. If nothing else, just be a friendly face and say hello!

Spend time with your family. Have a conversation. Tell stories. Look at pictures together. Play a game. Listen. Love. Forgive. Laugh. Create memories which will help you forget your boredom!

Pursue a creative endeavor. Do you write poetry? Compose music? Create art? Go for it! Share it with your loved ones. Teach them how to do it as well!

Do you have a distant friend or relative? Give them a phone call. Write a letter. Compose an email.

If this doesn’t spark ideas to bring you out of boredom, let me know. I will think of something. I am sure there are chores to be done. :) Boredom is a choice we make concerning how we spend our time. So take charge of your time and fill it with meaningful pursuits.


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