Why Blog?

I have been a blogger for a few years. Over this time my motives for using this medium have varied. Originally I wanted to contribute to the larger conversation about children’s ministry. That holds true today, but with a much more modest understanding about what benefit my words might offer others. I also enjoy writing because it helps me to think. When others interact with my ideas I benefit all the more. I learn from their criticism and receive inspiration from their encouragement. I no longer feel a need to produce content which is sanitized by the hope of broad acceptability. Instead I am committed to do the best I can to follow the Lord in my writing.

At times my posts may be too long for the tastes of some readers; at other times they might be too short. They might be too goofy or too sad; too political or too spiritual; too personal or too obscure; too simple or too academic. Readers are really good at passing over what does not interest them, and that is a good thing. They should! Time is valuable. My point is that I am not out to impress readers as much as I am interested in challenging people to think deeply, feel passionately, and to act on their commitments.

I challenge you also to blog with abandon. Produce the best quality content you can, regardless of whether it is brief, personal, long, or professionally focused. Follow the Lord as he deposits in your heart direction for your writing. You are unique to the writing world. Only you possess your unique take on life and ministry. You better get busy writing. Your blog readers anxiously await what you will dream up next.


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