Connecting With Parents

One of my greatest challenges in children’s ministry is connecting with parents on a consistent basis. There are several reasons for this. Rather than discuss those reasons here, I would rather share what I am trying to do to overcome the obstacles. I have learned the hard way that good communication requires regular and multiple methods. Personal visits in their homes or on campus, phone calls, email, snail mail, postcards, website, blogs, and facebook are just a few modalities which are possible. I have used all of them at some point, some more so than others.

Most recently I have begun to find some of the parents on Facebook and have connected with them there. I have even started a private Facebook group which a few of them have agreed to join. As a part of that I am considering a monthly or quarterly podcast exclusively for those parents for training and encouragement. But it will not necessarily just be me sharing. I am going to invite them to join in as well, if not in the podcast, then at least in the facebook text discussions.

I recognize that a lot of parents will never get into the online social networking, so I have to continue to find ways to encourage them through traditional methods. As much as I introduce various methods of communication, they also need encouragement to avail themselves of it.

What is working in your situation? Have you tried Facebook  groups and/or podcasts with your parents? If so, what recommendations do you have for a novice like me?

Update December 17 at 5:43 pm PST

I purchased an inexpensive but decent microphone at the local KMart. The employee actually had a clue what he was talking about and directed me to a mic which suits my purposes. I also created my first podcast! I welcome your feedback. If you want to listen to it, you may go here.


2 thoughts on “Connecting With Parents

  1. Glen I love the podcast idea and I look forward to seeing how God uses it.

    I think it is important to keep looking for new ways to connect with parents. I have not tried connecting with parents with Facebook but maybe that is something I need to explore.

    I started playing with the idea of a podcast several months ago. I created a podcast called Family Fusion but I have not leveraged it much. Here is a link. Tell me what you think. (you can also subscribe through iTunes)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Rob! I will have to check out your podcast. I tried posting a second one and I am having trouble. I am getting the feeling the podomatic platform is not very reliable so I may need to find another solution.

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