Of Giving and Caring

I went to the apartments tonight to help give small gift bags to all the children we could find. Two others from my church joined me, a grandma and her grandson. She was a gem, loving on the ladies who opened the doors with the love of Christ. We met a few new families and touched base with several of our regulars. The children were very excited to receive their gifts. It was wonderful to give something without expecting anything in return. Next week we will return–weather permitting–to take them caroling in their complex.

Mission is many things, not least giving and community. It is the call of the church to touch those around us. We give as Jesus gave. We love as he loved. We do this so that others may also experience the love of Christ. It is a lifestyle of grace. It places the needs of others before our own. This side of eternity much of what we do may go unnoticed in the natural. But God knows. The giving and caring we demonstrate daily is motivated out of his purposes. His heart is inclined to those who feel that hope has abandoned them. He prompts us to enter the dark places where suffering is most profound. He leads us to the margins, changing us in the process, and ministering healing to the hurting through the demonstration of his power and love. It is a ministry of giving and caring. We are privileged to partake as we walk in obedience to him.


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