Social Networking: A Personal Perspective

I have been active on Facebook   for a few months. I was hesitant to try it at first. I wasn’t sure I wanted to add one more online venue to track. As time has progressed, however, I have come to appreciate the benefits of this particular utility. I appreciate the ability to reconnect with long lost friends. I love the dynamic of being able to pray for them daily as they update their needs and activities. It is great to see what they are doing and to cheer them on. I also enjoy networking with others in children’s ministry and ministry in general. I have yet to fully utilize the potential of the site. I will admit that I shy away from the addon features. It is not that I wish to be unsociable. However, the Facebook addons give my browser problems, so that is why I ignore pretty much all requests anymore.

One of the interesting dynamics is that I am networked with people from various areas of my life: my church; Kidology; bloggers; former co-workers; friends I have met in online ministry; people from my previous church; other writers; at least one former professor; and so on. It is really quite cool to be able to have a place where I can track with them all in one place to the degree they update their information.

I am not sure how long I will use Facebook. For now it is a positive. I am sure that eventually I will move on as technology develops and needs change. If you want to be my Facebook friend feel free to send me a request!


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