Prayer for the Nations

The world yearns in travail. Trouble assails on every front. Despair threatens to overwhelm. Will hope prevail? Will righteousness conquer evil? In Jesus Christ we have this hope eternal, that God has raised Jesus bodily from the grave. He who died for our sins is now raised up and seated at the right hand of the Father. He is our Great High Priest. He attends to our cries. He hears our prayers. He prepares for the hour of his glorious appearing.

Lord God, we bow our hearts before you even as we bow our knees. We worship you. We lay our affections at the foot of your cross so that we will express fidelity in motive and action. We ask forgiveness for our sins so that we may be in right relationship with you. We ask that you will purify our hearts so that we may worship you in spirit and truth.

And we pray for the nations. May you raise up leaders with hearts after you. May you direct the steps of nations. May justice for the hurting be prioritized. May peace be brought to theaters of war and conflict. May the hungry be fed, the naked clothed, the homeless sheltered, the orphan adopted, and the widow loved. Break our hearts of our selfishness. Turn the hearts of parents to their sons and daughters; the hearts of leaders to righteousness rather than personal gain.

Lord God you are righteous and holy. You are God. We yield our will to yours. Rise up, Lord and be glorified among the nations. Equip and unleash your church to be your ambassadors throughout all the world. Through your Holy Spirit heal the sick, reconcile the warring, deliver the deceived from wickedness. Dispatch your people among all the populations, ethnicities and language groups. May they be prophets who expose wickedness and raise a standard of righteousness; apostles in regions of scarcity; pastors over newly planted churches in all the lands; evangelists who clearly explain the gospel so that people can understand; and teachers who disciple those who believe. Give us courage that we might faithfully execute your purposes. And through it all, cause us to give you all the glory wherever we are, whatever we are doing for all the days of our lives.



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