Tending Connections

It is wise to check regularly upon the connections which power our electronic equipment. Relationships are no different. If we lose contact for prolonged periods without any meaningful connections, then the relationship can begin to lose its original vitality. The relationship may still exist and may be picked up where persons have left off, but typically ground is lost nonetheless. This is why mission in the local community must not be occasional, but an integral part of the Christian lifestyle. It is why I am committed to connecting with the children and parents in the local apartment community near my church.

My church has cancelled regular mid-week activities for the month of December. Rather than taking that as an opportunity to regroup, as I was sorely tempted to do, I have decided to go to the families for the first three Wednesdays of the month, just to touch base, hand out treats and gift surprises, and also to take them Christmas caroling on one of those days. Other than that, there is no agenda other than to be part of their lives and to allow them to get to know me better. Simple as that. I will be tending the fragile connections which have been built since last July.

It is an unsophisticated but profound commitment to live among some of the people to whom God has called me at this time.

I wonder, have you got any connections that need tending?


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